10 Free Amazing WordPress Chat Plugins

1. Acobot Live Chat and Contact Form

It puts the contacts on the user finger tips. Contacting you becomes simple and easy which will enable you get more sales inquiries from clients.
Acobot Live Chat & Contact Form

2. Banckle Live Chat

It provides live support to customers as well us updating you on the activities of the people who visit your website. You can get social and collaborative information with your customers.
Banckle Live Chat

3. Barc Chat

It takes less than a minute to set up barc chat. Simple tools of Barc includes instant messaging, social networking and customer support and it is cheap. The tools come with a feature which prevent spam messages.
Barc Chat

4. ClickDesk Live Support-Live Chat

It is a one of the best live chart on the website. It contains help desk which majorly assists the clients who visit your website. It also contains voice chat and social toolbar presence on your website enabling you and the visitors on your website to chat.
ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat

5. FlexyTalk-live Chat

It integrates with the IM app and the cellphones. You can now impress website visitors converting them into happy customers. With unlimited chats you can chat with your sites visitors and even Facebook fans with any device.
FlexyTalk – Live Chat

6. Quick Chat

Messages are stored inside the local WordPress database which are totally under your control. This allows no limit on the number of chat users. This plugin support a wide range of activities including avatar, word filtering, smiles and many others at the same time it is a self-hosted chat solution.
Quick Chat

7. PHP Live

It offers live help and support customer with chat communication on your website. It provides one-on one chat assistance to your website visitor.
PHP Live

8. Ultimate Live Chat

It provides live support to all your website from your desktop, and it has real time monitoring of the website. The plugin has no kind of restriction on your chatting capabilities what’s so ever.
Ultimate Live Chat

9. Live Chat with Multimedia Tools

This plugin allows you to interact with site visitors using live chat in real time. Clients can be able to point a feature on the product document or image. It is the first worldwide multimedia platforms which are used to deliver live help and offer real time sales.
Live Chat with Multimedia Tools

10. Video chat plugin

AVChart is more appreciated script that can be hosted and install on your website. The plugin handles the integration WordPress website and the AVChat. It is design in a way such that it can increase website revenues offering a solutions for video chats.
Video Chat Plugin

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